Ten Things You Are Not Allowed To Do In Dubai


Ten Things You Can't Do In Dubai

Laws in the United Arab Emirates have again been pushed into the spotlight after a British resident in Dubai was captured for sharing a foundation post on his Facebook page.

A great many people realize Dubai pummels drugs; that visitors can get in a difficult situation for drinking liquor outside assigned regions; and individuals who have intercourse in broad daylight can end up confronting the full power of the law.

There are some other unusual methods for falling foul of the law in Dubai – regardless of whether the specialists once in a while uphold a portion of the laws.

Social media

Ten Things You Can't Do In Dubai

Scott Richards elevated a foundation drive to purchase covers and coverings for evacuees in Afghanistan. He was held for 22 days and has now been accused of raising money without consent.

Be that as it may, he isn’t simply the primary outsider to discover in a difficult situation over passages via web-based networking media.

Individuals have been cautioned to be cautious how they utilize web based life following the presentation of an exacting cyber crimes law in 2012.

The next year, an American was imprisoned for making a parody video about Dubai youth culture.

Additionally in 2013, police in Dubai captured a man who shot an episode in which an administration official assaulted an Indian van driver. The man was captured for sharing film of a wrongdoing, after his video was posted on YouTube. Charges were in the long run dropped.


Dubai is traditionalist with regards to awful language. Swearing, obscenities, affront and “all sort of foul language” are viewed as disgusting acts – as is making discourteous signals – and wrongdoers can be fined or imprisoned.

In June, one nearby website reported that a court had requested the retrial of a man sentenced for swearing at a partner in a WhatsApp message.

Holding hands

Ten Things You Can't Do In Dubai

The UK Foreign Office’s recommendation to British voyagers expresses that kissing and embracing in broad daylight are carefully denied. The UK Foreign Office says wedded couples clasping hands “is endured”, however recommends every open showcases of friendship are “for the most part not endured”.

Allegations of rape

Assault is illicit in Dubai obviously. Be that as it may, affirmed unfortunate casualties have likewise infrequently ended up confronting capture.

In 2013, Norwegian lady Marte Deborah Dalelv said she had been assaulted by a partner while on an excursion for work in Dubai. She revealed the assault to the police, yet was accused of having extra-conjugal sex, drinking liquor wrongfully and prevarication after examiners rejected her assault charge.

She was allowed a 16-month jail sentence – however was later “exonerated” and advised she was allowed to leave the nation.

Ms Dalelv said her assailant was allowed a 13-month prison sentence for extra-conjugal sex and illicit liquor utilization.


Dubai has bars and nightclubs, but the Foreign Office says you should not dance in public. “Dancing is allowed in the privacy of your home or at licensed clubs,” the advice says. The Dubai Code of Conduct says dancing and loud music is forbidden in public places, such as beaches, parks and residential areas. It is classed as “indecent and provocative”, the FCO adds.

Sharing a hotel room

It is in opposition to Dubai law to stay together, or to share the same inn room, with any individual of the opposite gender if you don’t seem to be married or closely related, according to Foreign Office guidance. So, in theory, any single couple staying in a hotel room collectively is breaking the law, even though vacationers are not often prosecuted.

Photographing women

Ten Things You Can't Do In Dubai

Taking photographs of women in public without consent is “strictly frowned upon”, as is randomly addressing women in public, the Foreign Office states. Showing any disrespect closer to spiritual beliefs or practices is regarded deeply offensive and very possibly to end result in a heavy pleasant or imprisonment.


Non-repayment of debt is a crook offence and can get humans dispatched straight to jail. Having a cheque leap and no longer paying payments – which includes a hotel consignment – can also result in imprisonment.


Unsurprisingly capsules are strictly illegal in Dubai. However, the Foreign Office says authorities are also in all likelihood to prosecute if they locate traces of illegal tablets in a persons blood or urine.

In 2008, British vacationer Keith Brown was sentenced to 4 years in prison after Dubai customs officers found a speck of cannabis, weighing simply 0.003g, stuck to his shoe – even though he used to be reportedly freed a few weeks later.


Ten Things You Can't Do In Dubai

Bringing some medicines into the USA is also forbidden, which includes some containing psychotropic substances. The Foreign Office says if you are using prescribed drugs it is really helpful to carry a doctor’s observe and you might also need to seek prior agreement from the authorities

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