Six Flags’ Drive-Thru Safari Is Back After Coronavirus Restrictions Loosened


Six Flags’ Drive-Thru Safari Is Back After Coronavirus Restrictions Loosened

Six Flags’ Drive-Thru Safari Is Back After Coronavirus Restrictions Loosened
Six Flags’ Drive-Thru Safari Is Back After Coronavirus Restrictions Loosened
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Drivers exploit the most recent a little while of utilizing their own vehicles at Six Flags Wild Safari. Following 38 years of activity and in excess of ten million drive-through guests, the Six Flags Wild Safari will cease permitting visitors to drive their own vehicles through its entryways after September 30, 2012. Jackson, NJ 8/20/12 (Jennifer Brown| For The Star-Ledger)

New Jerseyans starved for amusement by the coronavirus are going to have a major, nostalgic motivation to go out.

Six Flags Great Adventure declared Thursday that it would revive its Safari fascination in a drive-through organization. That implies that families over the Garden State and past will indeed have the option to registration the Jackson event congregation’s 1,200 colorful creatures, spread out across 350 sections of land, from the solace of their own vehicles.

The move comes after Gov. Phil Murphy marked another official request Wednesday permitting pass through diversion tasks to continue.

From the recreation center’s opening in 1974 until 2012, Six Flags’ visitors had the option to drive their own vehicles through the Safari. Ages of New Jersey families go down accounts of mandrills ambushing the family minivan, giraffes licking at sunroofs and ostriches that wouldn’t move from the street.

In excess of 10 million guests had passed through the Safari upon its end, as indicated by a Star-Ledger story at that point. Since 2013, visitors have rather ridden in outside gathering vehicles driven by Six Flags staff.

Six Flags has not yet reported a date for when the drive-through will open. In a discharge, the recreation center said it is as yet concluding new security techniques to ensure creatures, visitors and park staff.

When the drive-through is open, visitors will encounter a similar five-mile course that was utilized for a long time, Six Flags representative Kristin Fitzgerald said. She noticed that the course incorporates taking guests through the mandrill segment, where wall were recently raised to get the primates far from vehicles.

Fitzgerald didn’t state if guests would have the option to see Joyce, the elephant at the core of a top to bottom profile by NJ Advance Media distributed the previous summer. Around then, Joyce was once in a while put out there in the open with the remainder of the elephants as a result of pressures inside the group.

Benefactors who need to encounter the Safari pass through should enroll through an online reservation framework, which Six Flags says will forestall stuffing. Deals won’t be accessible at the entryway, and individuals without early bookings won’t be permitted to enter.

On account of state limitations planned for easing back the spread of COVID-19, the amusement park and water park will stay shut until further notification.

In April, a couple of men were spotted attempting to climb the fence and enter the Six Flags Safari.

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