Levant Brunch At Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown Review!


Friday is the first day of the weekend here in the UAE and if you have been here long enough or know the happenings, you will know that after Friday prayers, most hotels and restaurants host Brunches! Whilst we have reviewed a brunch in Abu Dhabi before, this was our first invite in Dubai and it was a great place to start! We were approached by the Manzil Downtown to review Levant Brunch At Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown, because we often like to take our little tots on our reviews and they picked up on that! However, just as we clarified with them, none of the children on our blog are our own I’m afraid, they are nephews and nieces and younger cousins. Both Kj and I adore children, but we just got married a few months ago, so children aren’t on the agenda for a while, our tots are enough for now! For this particular review we took two of our nephews form my side of the family, Daniyaal and Feeyaz!


The Manzil hotel downtown is in the heart of one of many projects Dubai has shot up to celebrate its Arabian hospitality and culture. It is a step away from the largest mall in the world; Dubai mall, which hosts the iconic Dubai dancing fountains, Kidzania, Reel cinemas and much more in the line of retail, food, snd entertainment. Downtown Dubai itself has everything you need from boutique restaurants and shopping experiences to bikes you can rent (Just outside the Manzil hotel) for the cooler evenings or days! It is just a short walk fro the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and just 20 minutes away from the airport too! It was easy to find and whilst we didn’t take the metro, the Burj Khalifa metro station wasn’t far, and the tram trolley runs through just down the road too!

The food!

From Gazpacho to Tabouleh and Fattoush, pickled  veg, and other Spanish salad starters to the warm Arabic, and Moroccan bread, to the hot chicken shawarma, Lamb Ouzi (A wonderful whole lamb and oriental Middle Eastern dish), the rolls and international salads and indian curries, the rack of lamb and beef steak, and choices of soup, we tried a bit of everything between us!

However, the pulling and invitation point for us was that it is a family brunch, and other family brunches or restaurants we have been to have tables for children. One thing we noticed is that (Especially Feeyaz who is 6) the children struggled to see some of the dishes and what they were. Everything was so high up! Whilst they did have a childrens’ menu and pasta and such things were also available to order for the adult of the menu, it would have been better if they put the childrens’ menu items on a table in the childrens’ corner or somewhere accessible for them. I had to lift Feeyaz on occasion so he could see the dishes. Some of you may just place things on a plate and children are to eat what they are given, however I think a brunch that advertise family friendly and has provision and space for a childrens’ corner should cater for families like our own where children do like to see what they put in their plate. Although the boys loved the food, it would have been nice for them to have the freedom to choose a bit more openly. We especially loved the fresh prawns, the shawarma, gazpacho and the wonderful away of desserts.

seating area
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