How Far Do The Face Masks Help In CONVID-19 Protection


Corona Virus has recently struck the Earth really bad and about 190 countries are suffering from this virus. The whole world seems to be in a state of emergency and everyone is trying to protect himself and people under him to the best he can. However, saving oneself individually is the most important thing to do in order to stop the spreading of the virus. In the previous article I told you about the precautionary measures that you should take in order to protect yourself from the virus. Today I would factually explain the use of masks, how beneficial are they and how to dispose them properly.

The real truth that needs to be highlighted is that the use of masks is not a very efficient way to stop this virus from penetrating your body. You see a virus is very small and even the pores of the masks, which cannot be seen by us, may sometimes be big enough for the virus. So running after masks may not be a perfect idea. However, to some extent it does work. When you are in a crowd or around anyone who coughs, a mask can save you from bacteria’s and some viruses and especially it blocks most of your own viruses or bacteria’s from spreading. In simple terms, if you find and wear a mask, its good but if you don’t, you don’t need to panic as there are several other ways by which you can protect yourself.

Lets proceed with the ways to use a mask.

How do you know if it’s the right time to pick a mask

You don’t need a mask just now. You should only wear it if you are taking care of a person who is already suffering from the coronavirus. Other than that you should wear a mask if you start coughing or sneezing. But one thing that should be noted is that a mask will only prove to be useful if you keep your hands clean as well. Touching the mask with virus on them may cause it to replicate and penetrate within your body through respiration Which would cause trouble. Make sure the mask is clean and properly packed before use. Also the mask itself should not be torn and should have a proper respiration system.

2. Proper disposal of the mask is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT

Replace the mask immediately with a new one when it becomes damp and starts to stink. Never use previously used masks as they maybe vulnerable to several types of viruses. Another important thing to do is to bury the mask properly or pack it in a disposable bag and throw it in a dust bin. We do not want anyone to suffer from the virus so people should take care of all kinds of used equipment’s and keep them away from everyone’s reach. When taking off the mask, take it off from behind and do not touch the front side. Make sure to wash your hands properly after disposing it.

3. But before you put on a mask

Before you put on a mask be sure to buy it from a proper medical store. Check if it is properly packed and not subjected to any human dirty hands before. Before you open up the pack, wash your hands with alcohol pads or a good hand sanitizer. Your hands should be clean and free from any bacteria or virus because it takes a very few time for a virus to reproduce.

4. The proper way

Make sure the mask is properly fixed and leaves no space of air between the mask and your face otherwise the use of the mask would be insipid. While using always adjust the mask from behind and try not to touch the front side. Make sure the front is clean and clear from dust or any other heavy material that may cause blockage of the pores and leads to breathing difficulty.

Finally, I suggest you not to worry about the virus. More people die in the world every year from common flu than from the corona virus. Worrying would cause you to weaken your immune system and that is when the trouble may begin. Try to avoid crowds and stay as much in your home as possible till this disease is properly taken care of.