English Tourism Week is here!


As some of you may know this week is English tourism week, so here at Dubai blog, we want to go global with it! We will be making posts about how English tourism has adapted, where it began, where it is now and what people think! It’s going to be a celebration with a boom and we would love for you to get involved! Send in your ideas and pictures or comments!To kick it off here’s a quick list of “typical tourist traditions”


the capital of England: In many parts of the world if you say you’re from England, or even British… Everyone almost certainly says… Oh yea London! London is not the whole of the U.K., nor is it the only place in England… But it Is a hot spot for tourists. From the London eye to Madame Tussaud, and how can we forget Buckingham palace and the Houses of Parliament.. If the flags flying… The queen is definitely in! Then there’s the dungeons and the London eye, the underground and the wonderful westfield, Famous harrods and Oxford street! London is full of it!

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