12 Types of Transport in Dubai: Getting Around the City


Dubai has many attractions to visit and as a resident or tourist, there are various ways of getting around the city. You can take the most popular mode of public transport which is via Dubai Metro and bus. You may also hail a taxi. But did you know that you can also use water taxis, book a car via hail-riding app, or even charter a helicopter? Dubai is constantly evolving and introducing new options to make it easier for passengers to travel.Trivia: The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) is the government authority in charge of the roads and transportation in Dubai. They also handle traffic, fines, licensing, public transport, Nol card and transport business.If ever you plan to take public transportation, it is wise that you secure a Nol card which is your ticket when you enter buses, trains and trams when going out and about.For everything else, there are plenty of means for you visit several places and spots in Dubai. Here we list the different types of transport available in the emirate


With over 1,500 buses circulating the city, catching one for your next stop will be a breeze. Waiting for one won’t be a hassle too since waiting sheds are well ventilated with air-conditioners. As mentioned earlier, payment for the bus is also available through swiping your Nol card

Dubai Metro

The cheapest mode of transport, aside from the  bus, is the Dubai Metro train. Ever since it started operating in 2009, the Dubai Metro carries millions of passengers. You will still use your Nol card as you tap your fare to access this transport.  Arriving at Dubai International Airport, you can easily go straight to the metro and take you to famous landmarks, malls and key places in the city.

Transport in Dubai

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